We coach leaders in fast-growing companies to succeed in dynamic, complex, and demanding environments, so they can accelerate career opportunities without feelings of negativity, overwhelm, and burnout - all while spending 90% of their time doing what they love. 

~ Janet & Linda


Our proven methodology also helps high potentials leverage their personal leadership brands, engage powerfully, and respond strategically. 



I’m new on the scene, and looking for my first career position in the field I love. How do I get experience when I don’t have any experience? How do I show I am capable even though I don’t have the exact experience they are looking for? How do I convince them I can do it when I’ve never done it?

Ready to Grow

I’m an SME, and my work speaks for itself. I like my work, and I’m good at it. And I’m ready to grow. I have great ideas, but I’m of two minds – sometimes I think I’d like to become a people leader, and at other times I wonder if I’m cut out to manage others. How do I find out if I can do it, and how do I win my first opportunity?

Looking for Greater Opportunity

I’ve been a manager for a while, and I’ve learned a lot about getting work done through my team, but I’ve kind of done it on my own. I’d really like to get some management training that helps me become the best I can be in my current role and positions me for more senior-level positions.

Looking to Create Positive Change, Foster Resilience, & Strengthen Performance

I’m part of a rapidly expanding organization that needs to scale as we grow. My people are working hard, but we all risk burnout if we keep going the way we’re going. I want to lead the way with positive energy, empowerment, and accountability for results, and I want those around me to be able to quickly adapt to change with much less stress than they currently feel. How do I convince them that what seems impossible is actually possible?

Accelerating Growth in Others

Leadership is definitely my thing. I’m creative, innovative, and visionary. I’m a perpetual learner and committed to developing others around me. How do I consistently catalyze growth others to become their best selves?

Professional Leadership Brand Coach

This is definitely for me! I want to help others develop their own professional leadership brand. What is my next step to get certified to become an awesome coach who helps others operate at the top of their game?


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