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To Accelerate Your Career Opportunities and Get Promoted, You Have to Master Your Leadership Skills.

But There’s a Problem…

  • Sometimes you feel like you've been set up for failure.

  • There's little trust and collaboration within the team.

  • Your team is highly critical of each other.

  • There is a lack of alignment and patience within the team.

  • Whenever you speak, you get interrupted or criticized before you can finish your thoughts. 

  • You feel stuck, overwhelmed, and burned out, and you’re ready to try SOMETHING to accelerate your career.

  • You don’t know what else you can do to get past the empty promises  and ACTUALLY get promoted.

  • You have an extremely intense work environment that is unproductive and conflict riddled.

  • You’re expected to fulfill on management’s unrealistic expectations.

If You Feel Like An Unrewarded Achiever,
You’re Not Alone. Others Have...

  • Felt undervalued (and even betrayed) because they have not received the promotion they have sacrificed so much to earn.

  • Experienced a lack of resources, support, and trust within the organization.

  • Been scrutinized, become defensive, and felt unappreciated - even hopeless - at work.

  • Doubted whether they have what it takes to grow beyond their current role.

Make A Difference. Create An Impact.

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The Full Leadership Coaching Experience.
Highly Personalized. Always Confidential.

Now anyone can achieve the results they want. You don’t need a DNA transplant to elevate your skills. Let us prove it to you.

  • Create a dynamic leadership culture characterized by passion for work and energy for personal life.

  • Cultivate a team of leaders from within the organization to quickly fill future leadership opportunities with our program called Leadership Succession Readiness.

  • Amplify your confidence as we support you through the ups and downs of corporate leadership challenges with our executive coaching program called, Leadership Elevation for Established Leaders.

  • Earn a reputation for extraordinary leadership capability.
  • Become an influencer using better communication strategies, and learn to stop taking on work that others should be doing.

  • Gain your manager's and colleagues' trust to get promoted and serve at the next level with our 90-Day Leadership Breakthrough Training.

  • Get the quickest results and best support in our 6-month Leadership Acceleration Coaching Program.

Peridot Circle Is Where Leaders Train To Become Influential Visionary Leaders.

Peridot Circle Consulting is a leadership coaching and management development company that provides customized coaching and development for leaders and high-potentials in fast-growing, tech-savvy companies. We help those in dynamic, demanding, complex environments become known for their highest value, increase their effectiveness, and accelerate their next career opportunity.

Our clients become adept at eliminating feelings of negativity, overwhelm, and burnout - all while spending 90% of their time doing what they love. We have coached those leading at some of the TOP employers in Utah (and globally).

  • Achieve Practical Rapid Results.

  • Do It Time Efficiently.

  • Save Money Compared To Other Programs.

  • Get Confidential Coaching and Feedback.

  • Use Group Interactions to Improve Leadership Skills.

  • Join others we’ve coached who became Women Tech Awards winners.


Get Results From The Start.

Stronger Confidence. Increased Emotional Intelligence. Improved Work Environment. More Career Opportunities. Better Business Continuity.

Initial Consultation

We’ll discuss your leadership development goals, recommend a program for your situation, and explain how coaching works to accelerates the achievement of your goals.

Coaching Sessions

Ongoing coaching will happen biweekly or monthly, depending on the program chosen, and each session will last 45-60 minutes. The meetings will occur at the participant's business location, virtually, or as mutually agreed.

The Winning Edge

We use a mix of tools, assignments, and strategy sessions based on your situation. Our proven methods give you the winning edge that will get you from where you are to where you want to be.

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Alex Lutz - 

DevOps Manager

for Homie


“Working with Janet has been more informative and insightful than reading one thousand books. She has helped me focus on the most vital behaviors relevant to me and my situation. Our work together has made me a more effective communicator, team member, and servant leader.”

Julie Hall Duersch -

Manager for the Utah State University I.T. Department


“Janet’s dynamic presentation on Personal Leadership Branding was life-changing. I came away empowered both personally and professionally. I have been truly inspired and changed for the better.

Lindsey Henry, MBA - 

Senior Manager for Western Governors University


“I was lucky to receive leadership development and training with Linda at a pivotal point in my corporate career. Not only did she help me understand and navigate some of the leadership responsibilities I had in new and better ways, but she connected with me at an individual level. She helped me recognize possibilities and potential in myself. Linda is an excellent coach and mentor, and presenter.”

Who Benefits From Our Leadership Development Programs?

For Companies and Teams...

Transform your team into a leadership-driven productive powerhouse with our Leadership Succession Readiness program. Whether you are looking to cultivate higher-level cross-functional leadership skills, boost productivity and effectiveness, or improve employee morale and engagement, our training can help you. We prepare your employees to fill future roles, so your succession planning and business continuity imperatives can leverage a deeper pool of leadership talent. Give your team the tools they need to be their best. When you signup for Leadership Succession Readiness, your dedicated Executive Coach will assess your unique situation and tailor the training to fit your team goals. And for those successful leaders who want to up their game, we made a program just for you. It’s called Leadership Elevation for Established Leaders.

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For Individuals...

Invest in yourself with proven leadership training methods that help you achieve your greatest goals, get the results you want, and create the life you desire. Your coach will get to know you and your dreams then empower you with personal, 1:1 guidance to help you get the winning edge. For those who are early in their management careers, who want to establish their credibility and confidence, we created the 6-month I.M.P.A.C.T. Personal Leadership Brand Program with Integrated Leadership Coaching. For those who want to reach the upper echelons of leadership, we  have the 90-day Leadership Breakthrough Program. And for already successful leaders who want to up their game, we made a program just for you. It’s called the 6-month Leadership Acceleration Coaching Program.


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