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Learn How to Powerfully Leverage Your Own Brand for Greater Success. Enroll Now in Our Personal Leadership Brand Program Where We Reveal the Secret Formula for Accelerating Career Opportunities.


Engage Your 

Signature Strengths.

Stop Wasting Your

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Life is Too Short to be Passed Up for Promotions.


“I don’t know what else I can DO to win my next promotion. Promises of the past haven’t been kept, and I wonder if I need to leave my company. I don’t want to leave, but I don’t think they appreciate how much I do for them. It’s not about the money, although that would be nice. It’s more about feeling seen for my value and having the opportunity for career growth.

- Aspiring Leader, Peridot Circle Client


Don’t be held back. You were designed for more. Accelerate professional breakthroughs, career opportunities, and personal fulfillment.

You need the Personal Leadership Brand program if...

  • You've recently been passed over for a promotion with the explanation that you’re not ready yet, but you don't know what to do to get ready.

  • You see others being promoted who aren't as smart and don't work nearly as hard as you do.

  • Your stellar contributions don't seem to be enough to get you where you want to go.

  • You’re a high achiever who feels stuck, under-rewarded, and burned out.

  • You feel betrayed by a system that seems to value external applicants over internal talent.

  • You’re afraid you don’t have what it takes for the next-level role, but you don’t know what’s missing.

If You Can Relate to Any of These Challenges, then Developing a Strong, Authentic Personal Leadership Brand is the Solution.

Everyone has a personal brand - what they are known for at work - but not everyone KNOWS how to make their brand work for them.

Now is the time for you to master your Personal Leadership Brand so it propels your career growth to the next level and beyond. Schedule your 30-minute brand-strategy consult today...

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You Can Now Reach the Upper Echelons of Leadership and Be Recognized for Your Achievements and Expertise.


Learn How to Make Your Personal Leadership Brand Work FOR You.

Why work on your Personal Leadership Brand?

While most of your coworkers are frantically trying to get stuff done, you’ll be mastering the art of and science of leadership. You'll learn how to leverage your greatest strengths and add your best value. You'll be on FIRE in a good way! Without overthinking or energy-draining self-criticism, you'll eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors that stem from perfectionism, eagerness to please, arrogance, and impatience.

You will . . .

  • Unlock your own profound strengths and be able to leverage them at will.

  • Lead with power. Stop comparing your weaknesses to others' strengths that leave you  feeling sadly insufficient.

  • Arm yourself with energy that creates momentum without overpowering or oppressing others.

  • Gain confidence to influence solid decisions while inviting support from others.

  • Create conversations that cause crucial outcomes for you, the team, your customers, and the business.

  • Super-charge your work hours and gain back time for family, friends, and other interests.

  • Do what only you can do. Give your best, worry less, and even sleep better.

  • Yep, and get promoted, too!

What's the Best Part About Working With Us?

Now, for the first time, we give you the same coaching AND the same development programs that were only available to corporate executives and high-potential leaders. As you take charge of your own career, we meet you where you are. It’s personal. It’s confidential. It’s affordable.

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Our 6-Month Personal Leadership Brand Program Will Give You the Unstoppable Energy to Boost Your Career, Reach the Next Level of Leadership, and Propel you Toward Your Best Life, Especially If You're Just Getting Serious About Taking It to the Next Level.


Don’t Spend Years Wondering Why Others Get Opportunities While You Stay  Stuck. If You’ve Ever Asked…


“How do I get others to listen to my ideas without interrupting me?”

“Why do others get listened to when they come up with the same idea I expressed five minutes earlier, and no one paid attention?”

“When my boss says I’m not ready yet for a promotion, what does that even mean? How can I get ready?”

“I’m already on the verge of burnout, so how can they expect me to do more in order to earn a promotion?”

“Sometimes I think I’d like to become a people leader, and at other times I wonder if I’m cut out to manage others. How do I find out if I can do it, and how do I win my first opportunity?”



We’ll Help You Engage and Leverage Your Personal Leadership Brand in Less Time Than it Takes to Complete One Semester of an MBA Program...and With Better Results.


The Winning Edge NOW.

Get from where you are to where you want to be by getting on the fast track now. For the FIRST TIME EVER, this program is offered outside of the corporate setting. It is facilitated virtually to enable your rapid progress to identify, articulate, and fully own your personal leadership brand. This training is for you if you’re ready to …

  • Build more trust and confidence between you and your manager.
  • Gain more credibility with your colleagues and other managers.
  • Win the approval and championship of others to serve at the next level. 
  • Get yourself promoted without becoming a shameless self-promoter.


Who is the Personal Leadership Brand Program For?

Those who are just starting in their career and hope to one day reach the upper echelons of I.T., including mid-career business professionals who don’t know what more they can do to have the opportunities they want. It includes those who...

  • Work in fast-paced, tech-savvy businesses.
  • Are already high performing, technically capable.
  • Feel personal drive to increase performance and deliver stellar results.
  • Want greater influence in the workplace.


Key Benefits of the Personal Leadership Brand Program

When you invest in yourself and complete the program, you’re able to…

Increase Your Visibility

Be chosen for hot new initiatives that only the best are hand-picked to work on.

Gain Recognition

Become recognized and rewarded for key contributions while still being a team player.

Grow Into An Influencer

Learn to influence important decisions while being respectful of others.

Become an Effective Leader

Serve at the next level and deliver stellar results.

Achieve Results

Increase performance while doing it efficiently.

Invest In Yourself. Magnify Your Career Results.

Find Out How We Can Help You Get The Winning Edge With Our Results-Focused Personal Leadership Brand Program.

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Meet Your Executive Coaches

Janet, Nicole, and Linda have coached thousands of IT professionals and transformed them into confident, influential, and beloved leaders at some of the TOP employers in Utah. In 2020, they had three clients named as Women Tech Awards finalists.

They’ll coach you through the secrets of optimizing your leadership capabilities at higher levels while enhancing your strengths to produce the results you want.

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Our Winning Edge Guarantee

We guarantee that when you engage with us, you’ll see your winning edge start to emerge very quickly. We promise to be transparent about your professional prospects, your leadership potential, and any obstacles to your success. While we cannot promise miracles, we can assure you that when you follow our program and recommendations, you will transform into a powerful author of breakthroughs in your own life..

Your Path to Winning Starts Here

Elevate Your Leadership Skills. Strengthen Your Confidence. Get Promoted.

Initial Consultation

We’ll discuss your leadership goals, customize a plan for you, and explain how we work together to meet your goals.

Personalized Coaching

Coaching is confidential and personalized to your individual goals. The curriculum is easy-to-follow and time-efficient. The meetings can occur in person at your business location, virtually, or as mutually agreed upon.

The Winning Edge

We use a mix of tools, assignments, and strategy sessions based on your situation and proven methods to give you the winning edge that will get you from where you are to where you want to go.

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Alex Lutz - 

DevOps Manager for Homie


“Working with Janet has been more informative and insightful than reading one thousand books. She has helped me focus on the most vital behaviors relevant to me and my situation. Our work together has made me a more effective communicator, team member, and servant leader.”

Julie Hall Duersch -

IT Manager for the Utah State University Information Technology (IT) Department


“Janet’s dynamic presentation on Personal Leadership Branding was life-changing. I came away empowered both personally and professionally. I have been truly inspired and changed for the better.

Lindsey Henry, MBA - 

Senior Manager for Western Governors University


“I was lucky to receive leadership development and training with Linda at a pivotal point in my corporate career. Not only did she help me understand and navigate some of the leadership responsibilities I had in new and better ways, but she connected with me at an individual level. She helped me recognize possibilities and potential in myself. Linda is an excellent coach and mentor, and presenter.”

What Do You Get with Our Personal Leadership Brand Program?

Proven Methodology. Highly personalized. Always Confidential.

Proprietary Methodology

The Personal Leadership Brand program is based on our time-tested, proprietary IMPACT methodology that can transform your career and your life. The Personal Leadership Brand program provides the scaffolding for propelling you toward your greatest growth:

  • Catalyst assignments to quickly reveal both your aspirations and signature strengths.
  • Targeted exercises to identify and leverage your under-appreciated gifts and skills.
  • Strategies for creating personal advocates and leadership champions.
  • Instant feedback as you incorporate new approaches into daily work practices, and start to uncover the sources of hidden resistance.
  • Learning and accountability conversations with our best executive coaches.
  • Off-cycle access to coaches to help you achieve break-through moments as opportunities arise. Prepare to lean in as rapid breakthroughs happen.
  • Simple, easy ways to document evidence of your increasing effectiveness in leadership situations.
  • Tools for harnessing your energy and emotional focus.
  • Results from the start, and your winning edge becomes obvious within weeks.

Individualized Coaching

Because you have a unique set of opportunities and challenges, you need what the best leaders have - an executive coach - someone whose only interest is your success. The coaching element of the Personal Leadership Brand program features:

  • Twice-monthly coaching sessions -  a Learning Coaching Session and a Leadership Coaching Session. We spend  50-60 minutes focused exclusively on your aspirations and progress.
  • For the monthly Learning Coaching Session, our conversation centers on an element of the IMPACT framework as it applies to your situation. We debrief your catalyst assignments and agree to your next steps toward mastery.
  • Deep personal learning and growth is supported with proprietary IMPACT methodology self-assessment(s), 4x4 feedback loops, and candid conversations. Increased awareness of personal impact, challenges to self-limiting beliefs, and use of resilience practices allow for perpetual growth and irresistible energy.
  • For the monthly Leadership Coaching Sessions, we focus on bringing your best self to your life. You unlock your compelling leadership vision, choose to adopt empowering beliefs and make powerful decisions, and determine the inevitability of achieving your goals and aspirations.
  • Results from the start, as you proactively become everything you were meant to be.

Learn How We Can Help You Get the Winning Edge In A Free Strategy Session

Still unsure about which program is right for you? Let us recommend one for you.

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